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Frequently Asked Questions- Credit Evaluation Form

To view more general information, you can go to out credit conversion site.

By Students

Why can I not access my Credit Evaluation Form?

  • Make sure you are using your UW email to view the document. We will not give access to non-UW emails
    • If you are still getting denied access, even after using you UW email, make sure that your UW Google Suites is active. You can check by going into your MyUW account.
  • Try using the link given to you into an incognito window.
  • If you are still having access issues, please email us at

When will my credits be posted to my UW transcript?

  • All steps in the Credit Evaluation Form must be completed, especially step #4, to formally submit the form.
  • If it has been more than 5 business days since the day you submitted your Credit Evaluation Form, please call us at 206.221.4404 or email us at

How do I fix an uploading issue?

Email the following information:

  1. What course is the current document(s) in?
  2. What course would you like the document to be in?

There is a 5 document uploading limit, so if you have reached that, let us know that in the email as well.

What type of credit will I receive for my foreign courses?

The type of credit is dependent on the foreign course you took while abroad. Once the Credit Evaluation Form is processed and sent to you (the student), you will upload all relevant documentation, and then send the form with the documents to the appropriate department.  If you took a psychology course while abroad, for example, you would share the form with the UW Psychology department and the departmental adviser would assign the equivalent UW course. It is important to note that advisers may request additional information or meeting in order to provide an accurate UW course equivalent.

If you cannot find a department with equivalent credits, you can ask Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising and they can assign General Studies credit.

Is it possible to drop a course off my Credit Evaluation Form?

Our office is required by the University of Washington to report all courses listed in the official foreign transcript. Therefore, the only way to officially omit a course from being reported is by contacting the foreign institution or partner to update your foreign transcript. You will need to follow the foreign institution regulations on how to have an updated foreign transcript.

By Advisers

Why can I not access a Credit Evaluation Form?

There can be several reasons why advisers don’t have access:

  1. Your are using a departmental NetID to view the form.  For data privacy reasons, Credit Evaluation Forms can only be viewed with personal NetIDs.
  2. The form has been reviewed and completed. Once a form is complete and submitted, students and advisers no longer have access to the form. If you request access via Google, we will let you know if the form is completed or not.
  3. You don’t have the correct ASTRA permission to view the form.  Permission to access the Credit Evaluation Form is regulated by the same permission group that regulates EARS/MyPlan.  In order for advisers to consistently have access to the forms for every student who requests credit evaluation, you will need to get EARS/MyPlan permission from the Registrar’s Office by filling out this request form.  If you are not sure if you have access, we can check our permission group and let you know. What we can do for a temporary solution is give you temporary permission. You will need to email for that request.

If these don’t seem to apply to your situation, please email or call us at 206.221.4404 during regular business hours.

How do I make a course/credit change after the form has been submitted?

Our office needs to have recorded request through our general email. So if an adviser wants to  the change in course, please put the following in the email:

  • Subject Title:  Course Change Request from Adviser
    • Name of student:
    • The original course or credit amount in Credit Evaluation Form:
    • The new course or credit amount to switch with:
    • (if applicable) reasoning why the change of course.

Once we get this request, it will take our office up to five business days to make that switch.

What General Education requirement can I as an adviser indicate?

The only General Education requirement that can be indicated for our office to list is the Writing credit (W). An adviser will need to do the following in the Credit Evaluation Form:

  • Write in parenthesis the Gen. Ed. next to the course. Example:
    UW course/s granted
    A A 498 (W)

All other General Education (C, QSR, VLPA, I&S, NW) need to be done through a DARS exception by an academic adviser after the courses have been implemented into a students UW transcript.

What type of credit can I grant from my department?

Here are the most frequent type of credits advisers give out:

  • An actual UW Course Equivalent: Some foreign courses and documents provided in the form can be similar, if not identical, to a UW course. If it is, we strongly suggest to grant these type of courses to students. An adviser can review the UW Course Catalog to view courses in their department.
  • Departmental study abroad credit: Certain departments have generated general credits for study abroad (ex: CHID 470: CHID Study Abroad) . These can be used in the event that there are no UW course equivalent. If your department does not have this type of course, we recommend communicating with your Curriculum Committee.

Please note that if you receive a Credit Evaluation Form from a student that was generated by our office, the student has to receive an official UW course. Advisers can’t give transfer courses (ex: MATH 1XX, SOC 3XX) due to the student officially being supported by the Study Abroad office.

How do I make sure that I am not providing an invalid UW course?

When our office receives a Credit Evaluation Form, we use the Student Database screen SRF 200. The following image shows what our office looks to make sure each course provides is valid for the UW Registrar’s Office.  This can be used as guidance to see if a course is valid.

Student Database

Is the Recommended Amount of Credits listed in the Credit Evaluation Form the final amount?

When we list the Recommended Amount of Credits into the form, we base it upon the Conversion Scale, for each program, we have generated and updated throughout the years. Advisers can increase or decrease 2 credits beyond the recommended per the course(s) in the department. If an adviser goes beyond that point, a representative from our office will be in contact to verify the reasoning behind the action once the form is completed.