Study Abroad

Outbound Student Process

Although UW academic departments establish and maintain these exchanges, all UW students participating in departmental exchanges for UW credit must concurrently enroll with UW Study Abroad. Concurrent enrollment maintains student affiliation with UW while away, allows resident UW credit for courses taken abroad, and allows students access to financial aid.  Students must complete several mandatory pre-departure requirements (purchase study abroad insurance, attend orientation, submit payment contract, complete a health survey, etc.) in order to be concurrently enrolled.

 Study Abroad Application Created

Students are now able to apply to departmental outbound exchanges directly through our system. Departmental coordinators can manage applications and update statuses as necessary.

Material Submissions

Through their Study Abroad accounts, students will be asked to commit to participate in the exchange, electronically sign documents, register for a mandatory orientation, purchase study abroad insurance, and complete other pre-departure requirements.

Once all the study abroad pre-departure requirements are complete, the student is concurrently enrolled in a placeholder course (FSTDY 300) for their term(s) of study.


To ensure that students complete this process in time to meet concurrent enrollment deadlines and pre-departure requirements, students should be nominated for participation and create their applications by:

  • For exchanges beginning summer/fall:  March 1st
  • For exchanges beginning winter/spring:  October 1st

Information for Students

Please direct your outbound students to the Students section of our website to help them navigate questions concerning the different phases of their experience.

Program Expenses, Billing, Financial Aid and Scholarships

All UW student exchanges operate using the home tuition model. Outbound UW students pay an exchange fee equivalent to UW tuition (1.5 quarters of UW tuition for semester-long exchanges, and 3 quarters of UW tuition for academic year exchanges).  Exchange fees are determined according to residency status:  in-state students pay an exchange fee equivalent to in-state tuition, and out-of-state students pay an exchange fee equivalent to out-of-state tuition. This fee is billed to students via MyUW according to the regular UW tuition billing schedule together with the Study Abroad Fee. In most cases, students pay housing and any additional fees directly to the host institution or housing facility. Students should be advised early that they need to plan for additional expenses such as international airfare & transportation, books & course materials, visa & passport fees, study abroad insurance and personal expenses.

Students who will be using financial aid to cover expenses will need an official budget from our office. To obtain this, students may request a budget by filling out a Study Abroad Financial Aid Budget Request Form.

For information on Financial Aid and Scholarships, please click here.