Study Abroad

Director’s message

IMG_0196I’m pleased to introduce myself to you. I started as director of UW Study Abroad back in August after many years as a lecturer, professor, adviser and administrator at the UW Jackson School of International Studies. I am absolutely delighted about this new job and I feel privileged to be working with such an awesome team on what we all care about deeply: envisioning and creating great study abroad programs for UW students and expanding access to global educational opportunities for a growing and increasingly diverse student body.

We often call these opportunities ‘transformative’ – but we don’t really need any special jargon to talk about the many ways in which crossing borders, and living and learning abroad, can change us. It changed me, for sure.

I grew up in Zambia, Kenya and Germany and then went to England for college, for about thirteen years (clearly, you can’t have too much of a good thing). So I essentially studied abroad for 30-some quarters! In England I married an American and we moved to Chicago and eventually to Seattle. People ask me where I’m from and I really don’t know the answer – but to me that feels more like a feature, not a bug! I am very aware of the sheer luck and the many opportunities I have had in seeing other countries and meeting so many people from so many places.

Now working with the UW Study Abroad team gives me the chance to put my experiences into perspective and to repay some of this luck by helping to create more opportunities for our students to cross borders, to live and learn in other places, and to experience community and identity in new ways. This will resonate with many of you. I look forward to sharing some of our stories and successes with you in the future. Thank you for caring about study abroad at UW, your interest and your support means a lot to me and to everyone here at UW Study Abroad.

Wolf Latsch
Director, UW Study Abroad