Study Abroad


The following is a list of programs that would be a good fit for students majoring in Art. We also recommend you meet with your academic adviser to discuss the options you are interested in and how they would fit with your course of study.

UW Faculty-led Programs

UW Programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad with programs organized and taught by UW faculty. UW Programs are well-suited for students who want coursework in specific areas of study, wish to study abroad for a period of time that mirrors the UW academic calendar, desire some on-site support, and have limited or no foreign language background.

UW University Exchanges

UW has more than 60 student exchanges with universities around the world that are available to undergraduate and graduate students in most fields of study. University exchanges are well suited for students who want access to university courses in a variety of academic disciplines, seek full immersion in the student life and culture of a foreign university and society, and desire a high degree of personal independence.

UW Partner Programs

UW Partner Programs are approved study abroad options administered by other universities, study abroad program providers, or foreign language schools. UW Partner Programs are well-suited for students who seek coursework in specific or varied fields of study, desire on-site support, and may or may not have proficiency in a foreign language.