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  • The UW Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors are UW students just back from study abroad.
  • They’re trained to help you get started with UW Study Abroad.
  • You can meet with them in Schmitz Hall during drop-in hours.
  • When you have chosen a program or have more detailed questions, they will connect you to the right adviser.
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 Meet the UW Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors

IMG_5930Name: Amanda Mayberry
Major: International Studies
Study Abroad Program(s): CIEE Central European Studies, Budapest, Hungary & JSIS Greece: Greece in Relation to Europe and the Balkans
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
The people!
What was your favorite food abroad?
I was visiting Portugal one weekend and a family invited me to have dinner with them, it was a 3.5 hour seafood feast that I’ll never forget.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to get a little lost sometimes.
Plans/goals for the future:
I’m currently studying for my LSAT and the goal eventually is to do Immigration legal work for an NGO!

IMG_5916Name: Vipech Bun
Major: Business
Study Abroad Program(s): OMAD Classics Rome: Spring Break & Engineering Japan: Exploring the Heart of High-Tech
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
I really enjoyed immersing myself within the new culture, and all of this happens quite fast when you are studying abroad. From learning to say your first hello or thank you in the new language to actually buying something for the first time using new currency, these are experiences that reminds me that I am in a completely different country yet I am taking part in embracing these new changes.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
I really want to encourage fellow students to take advantage of being in a different country and just go explore. This seems obvious, but when you are faced with a packed day that was planned for you from when to go to class and when to eat, it is very tempting to just take a nap once you are free. As amazing as that nap might feel, you cannot make up for the missed opportunity to see the country outside of what the university has planned for you, once you walk outside of that protective bubble then you really get to experience immersion. It definitely depends on the country that you are in, but either have at least one buddy with you, or go solo if you feel comfortable because the Instagram opportunities awaits you.

IMG_5937Name: Christine Kwon
Major: Biology
Study Abroad Program(s): Exchange at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
Making some incredible friendships with people from all over the world, and learning things from them I would’ve never understood otherwise if I never embarked on this journey.
What was your favorite food abroad?
Christmas meals abroad are the absolute best, HANDS DOWN! It’s a month-long indulgence of great food (i.e. roasted pork, duck, pudding, pancake puffs, mulled wine, and schnapps in Scandinavia). The warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere actually makes you look forward to the winter – no joke
What advice do you have for future study abroad students? 
You’ll never be 100% prepared for this roller-coaster ride, but your views of the world will expand in exciting ways you never thought was possible. Enjoy the process. You won’t regret it!

IMG_5927Name: Kyki Li
Major: Anthropology and Dance
Study Abroad Program(s): Sociology Italy: Christianity in Rome, UWB Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Mexico: “Dance as a Social Technology,” & Anthropology Jordan: Anthropology of the Middle East
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad is opportunity to immerse in a different culture and learn to become a “local”. For all the study abroad I participated, I had the chance to live among the locals for an extended period of time (2-3 months). In Rome, Italy, living with the locals not only helped me make huge progress on my Italian, but I also got to try out the passionate, romantic yet relaxed lifestyle as opposed to the standard fast-paced American one.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Do not have any specific expectations, be open to everything, and be adaptable. Your mindset is what will make or break your experience. You will go through a honeymoon phase and after that you will have a phase where you’re wondering, “Why am I here? What on earth was I thinking?” but keep believing in yourself and push through. At the end of your program you will have many cherished experiences and be a stronger, changed person. Studying abroad is a huge accomplishment, be proud of yourself for taking the plunge!

IMG_5921Name: Amadara Oguara
Major: International Studies
Study Abroad Program(s): Yonsei University Seoul, South Korea & Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad was being able to come of age in a foreign, dynamic setting (it was my first time living on my own) and meeting not only local students, but students from other parts of the U.S. and the world that I would have never met if I had not gone abroad. I will also admit I am a shopaholic, and there was a lot of great deals in Japan and Korea on things I had been eyeing for a long time!
What was your favorite food abroad?
My favorite meal abroad was Seolleongtang (설렁탕), or ox-bone soup, in South Korea! I had never had it before since a lot of Korean food in the U.S. seems to focus more on foods like bibimbap and barbecue. It was such a comforting dish and kept me warm during the cold winter months, and I even had a specific favorite restaurant in my neighborhood that I would always go to!
Plans/goals for the future:
I am not 100% decided on what I will do in the future yet, but I enjoy working with young people and promoting cultural understanding, so am hoping to do work that relates to that.

IMG_5918Name: Dylan Creed
Major: Environmental Science & Terrestrial Resource Management
Study Abroad Program(s): Husky Presidential Ambassadors China, Kakehashi Project Japan, Environmental and Forest Studies Costa Rica, & CHID Prague: History, Memory and Human Rights in Central Europe – Autumn
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad was experiencing the incredibly unique cultures and features each location has, and simply observing the social experiment that unfolds around you within your group.
What was your favorite food abroad?
Sukiyaki or Beans and Rice – Sukiyaki was delicious and fun to eat, and Beans and Rice just never get old.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Do things you wouldn’t necessarily do here.
Plans/goals for the future:
Who knows!! Maybe something along the environmental track that would place me in the Netherlands; that would be very nice.

IMG_5934Name: Tyler Bonnell
Major: Public Health & Spanish
Study Abroad Program(s): Spanish Cadiz: Academic Year
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad was that everything is new! Every connection that I made or event I went to seemed to open up even more unknown, exciting experiences. It was thrilling to realize that the limits to what I could discover and explore was ultimately decided by me.
What was your favorite meal abroad?
My favorite meal was the infamous Turkish Doner Kebab! Its delicious rotisserie meat, vegetables, sauces, and crispy bread had me instantly hooked. Its very cheap price drove me to eat more of it than I should have…
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
My biggest piece of advice would be to always remain concentrated on what you are doing abroad. During studying abroad it is really easy to get caught up in what you miss about home (for me it was friends, Mexican food, etc.), but it is essential to stay focused and redirect your attention on ways you can improve your experience. Doing this will help you gain the most out of an experience that for most seems to go by too quick.

amyName: Amy Diaz
Major: International Business
Study Abroad Program(s): Business Morocco: Triple Impact Africa
What was your favorite part of Studying Abroad?
My favorite aspect of studying abroad is the freedom I get to be a completely different version of myself without the fear that anyone I know will judge me for it! It gives you the chance to truly begin again and make another life for yourself in a new place that you get to call home. Taking the risk to jump into the unknown and to become a bolder and more confident version of who you are is what will truly teach you lessons that will last a lifetime.
What are your plans for the future?
My dream job would be to either start or work for a non-profit that brings kids around the world closer to experiencing the joy of dance and liberal arts overall. I believe that the arts can add beautiful meaning to life if given the proper opportunity to experience what your mind can artistically create. However, no matter what happens I am passionate about helping others and giving back, so I want to always ensure that international community outreach remains at the core of my pursuit for International Business/Relations.



Name: Manjot Singh
Major: Bioengineering
Study Abroad Program(s): The School for Field Studies in Tanzania, The School for Field Studies in Turks and Caicos, & American Indian Studies/CHID Norway
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture at my program site and learning about the cultural practices of the people there. Furthermore, as my program included students from across the United States, I enjoyed building connections across the US.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Take the initiative to talk to the community at your study abroad location because what you get out of this study abroad experience depends on how much effort you put into the program.




amarisName: Amaris Penaloza-Rayo
Major: American Ethnic Studies & Spanish
Study Abroad Program(s): iSchool Tahiti, University of Sydney Exchange & C21 Pre-Freshmen Leon, Spain
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad is seeing how the locals interact with you. Throughout all the programs I have done, all three have now years of renewing their program, so UW students are well known and welcomed. It gives a great opportunity for us as students to learn more about a foreign culture and be appreciative of what’s out there in the world. Also, no one can deny and trying new food while studying abroad.
What was your favorite food abroad?
When I was studying abroad in Tahiti, our host mom would make this DELICIOUS salad dressing that could honestly go with anything. So you would always see me predominately eating from the salad section just to enjoy the dressing. In Australia, my favorite go-to food would have to be the pies they have there; they are so on another level there!

MadisonName: Madison Gallagher
Major: Bioengineering
Study Abroad Program(s): IES Abroad (GAIAS); Universidad de Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
That’s a difficult question… I’ll list my top three (in no particular order). SCUBA diving was absolutely amazing. I got my basic open water diver certification the weekend before I left for Ecuador and acquired my advanced open water diver certification while I was there. There were dives planned for each class as part of our field trips. We saw hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, black tip sharks, Galápagos sharks, various fish, starfish, sea turtles, sea lions, and a couple of ocean sunfish (the largest bony fish in the world!). I also studied human impact on the environment as part of my classes, which made me more conscious of my own footprint. In addition, I learned a lot about Galapaguenian culture. Living with a host family and being taught by professors who have done or are currently doing research in the Galápagos allowed me to gain experiences from a local perspective.
What was your favorite food abroad?
For Thanksgiving, the entire program held a potluck at the university. We were a group of about 50 students and the campus was tiny. The thing about the Galápagos is that it’s absolutely gorgeous and there is so much to see, but it is an isolated archipelago and therefore has limited food resources. The typical food during the trip was pretty bad. But for this event, everyone made different dishes and brought them together for one delicious meal. The university even cooked a turkey just for the occasion!