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Need help getting started with study abroad? We’re here to help!

  • The UW Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors are UW students just back from study abroad.
  • They’re trained to help you get started with UW Study Abroad.
  • You can meet with them in Schmitz Hall during drop-in hours.
  • When you have chosen a program or have more detailed questions, they will connect you to the right adviser.
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 Meet the UW Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors


Name: Jennifer Sanchez
Major: International Visual Arts (IVA) & Communications
Study Abroad Program(s): JSIS Greece: Greece in Relation to Europe and the Balkans & Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Brazil
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part about studying abroad is just getting the opportunity to be able to get educated around the world. To be able to explore another country, to enhance education through others cultures and life-style. To explore different foods and places that one wouldn’t even imagine.
What was your favorite food abroad?
In Brazil they have a tapioca type of floured crepe, it was my favorite because it has an interesting texture and its can be very versatile; it could be cooked as a sweet or as an actual food.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Take risks! Don’t be scared to travel, take advantage of the opportunity that you have to travel but still get credit for it! Also apply for as many scholarships as you can. You’ll thank me later.
Plans/goals for the future:
To become a successful designer in the marketing industry and love what I do.

Name: Vipech Bun

Major: Business
Study Abroad Program(s): OMAD Classics Rome: Spring Break & Engineering Japan: Exploring the Heart of High-TechRehab Medicine South Africa: Disability in Resource Limited Setting
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
I really enjoyed immersing myself within the new culture, and all of this happens quite fast when you are studying abroad. From learning to say your first hello or thank you in the new language to actually buying something for the first time using new currency, these are experiences that reminds me that I am in a completely different country yet I am taking part in embracing these new changes.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
I really want to encourage fellow students to take advantage of being in a different country and just go explore. This seems obvious, but when you are faced with a packed day that was planned for you from when to go to class and when to eat, it is very tempting to just take a nap once you are free. As amazing as that nap might feel, you cannot make up for the missed opportunity to see the country outside of what the university has planned for you, once you walk outside of that protective bubble then you really get to experience immersion. It definitely depends on the country that you are in, but either have at least one buddy with you, or go solo if you feel comfortable because the Instagram opportunities awaits you!

: Jag Bains
Major: Business & Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
Study Abroad Program(s): iSchool Tahiti: Place, Identity, and Traditional Knowledge & Business Italy: Foster School Rome Program
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
Definitely the community that I have built while abroad.
What was your favorite food abroad?
I had the most amazing penne alla vodka in Italy, it’s one of my favorite dishes ever now!
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Be intentional with your interactions- make friends with the students, professors and the locals in your area. This way, you’ll get the best out of your experience abroad.
Plans/goals for the future:
I want to start learning how to play the piano!

: Katie Bossio
Major: German & History
Study Abroad Program(s): Seoul National University Exchange & University of Tübingen Exchange
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
I got to meet exchange students from all over the world; while I was really only expecting to meet Korean friends in Korea and German friends in Germany, I wound up learning a lot more from the diverse students I got to meet. I actually met more Korean friends in Germany who were also on exchange. I got to do a lot of different language exchanges, and take proficiency tests to test my skills. I feel like my whole student life was building up to this challenge.
What was your favorite food abroad?
In Korea, you can get just about any kind of food delivered. I’m a little more picky about the food itself, but it didn’t matter if I didn’t have to leave my house on Saturday for lunch! Also, I ate so much Korean BBQ that I probably can’t ever look at it again…
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Be flexible, don’t be afraid to ask questions and pay attention to deadlines! Exchange programs are really demanding and intense; but don’t be afraid of them. I’ve always been super anxious when it comes to talking on the phone and ordering food – now that I’ve come back to Seattle, I feel way more confident in interacting with people because hey, I can do it in English!
Plans/goals for the future:
I want to work for the state department or in an embassy or something like that! I’m still figuring out the best way to use my language skills and cultural experiences to help people.

IMG_5918Name: Caylyn Rich
 International Studies
Study Abroad Program(s): JSIS Greece: Travelers and Migrants & University of Copenhagen Exchange
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad are the conversations that leave me thinking utterly ‘wow, how interesting, I would never have had this discussion at this exact time and place with this person under normal circumstances’. The unplanned spontaneity of studying abroad and living in a state of unfamiliarity is simply remarkable- it teaches you to open your mind and your heart to different ideas and emotions. The more I invested myself in meeting new people, the more I grew to care for the general state of things, to feel like a multipolar citizen of the globe rather than a single community. To me, that’s what study abroad is all about!
What was your favorite food abroad?
The Mediterranean diet is insanely delicious; from tzatziki sauce and feta-rich salads to sweet baklava, I looked forward to every meal.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Do not put too much pressure on yourself, especially at the beginning. When everyone around you, whether it be your friends, other international students, or locals, seems to have it perfectly together, remind yourself that it takes time to get into the swing of things and that everyone is on their own track to get to where they are going. In the end, no matter the flavor of experience you have while abroad, it will shape you – sometimes in significant and profound ways, sometimes you wont even notice the affect until months or years later when you are sitting there and some memory rushes back to you, offering you insight you might otherwise have never considered.
Plans/goals for the future:
I’m keeping it open, but I can easily see myself living the rest of my life on various continents, the only certainty being that I hope to learn a few more languages along the way!

IMG_5934Name: Tyler Bonnell
Major: Public Health & Spanish
Study Abroad Program(s): Spanish Cadiz: Academic Year
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
My favorite part of studying abroad was that everything is new! Every connection that I made or event I went to seemed to open up even more unknown, exciting experiences. It was thrilling to realize that the limits to what I could discover and explore was ultimately decided by me.
What was your favorite meal abroad?
My favorite meal was the infamous Turkish Doner Kebab! Its delicious rotisserie meat, vegetables, sauces, and crispy bread had me instantly hooked. Its very cheap price drove me to eat more of it than I should have…
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
My biggest piece of advice would be to always remain concentrated on what you are doing abroad. During studying abroad it is really easy to get caught up in what you miss about home (for me it was friends, Mexican food, etc.), but it is essential to stay focused and redirect your attention on ways you can improve your experience. Doing this will help you gain the most out of an experience that for most seems to go by too quick.

amyName: Amy Diaz
Major: International Business
Study Abroad Program(s): Business Morocco: Triple Impact Africa
What was your favorite part of Studying Abroad?
My favorite aspect of studying abroad is the freedom I get to be a completely different version of myself without the fear that anyone I know will judge me for it! It gives you the chance to truly begin again and make another life for yourself in a new place that you get to call home. Taking the risk to jump into the unknown and to become a bolder and more confident version of who you are is what will truly teach you lessons that will last a lifetime.
What are your plans for the future?
My dream job would be to either start or work for a non-profit that brings kids around the world closer to experiencing the joy of dance and liberal arts overall. I believe that the arts can add beautiful meaning to life if given the proper opportunity to experience what your mind can artistically create. However, no matter what happens I am passionate about helping others and giving back, so I want to always ensure that international community outreach remains at the core of my pursuit for International Business/Relations.


Name: Manjot Singh
Major: Bioengineering: Nano and Molecular Engineering & Public Health
Study Abroad Program(s): American Indian Studies/CHID NorwayThe School for Field Studies in Tanzania, The School for Field Studies in Turks and Caicos & Honors Study Abroad: Population Health in Action
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
I really enjoyed immersing myself in the culture at my program site and learning about the cultural practices of the people there. I also loved making friends with people from across the globe!
What was your favorite meal abroad?
I had so many great meals in all the places that I went to. But my favorite would have to be sadza and greens that I had in Zimbabwe.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
Take the initiative to talk to the community at your study abroad location because what you get out of this study abroad experience depends on how much effort you put into the program.
Plans/goals for the future:
Medical School!!

amarisName: Lily Rosencrantz
Major: Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) & Jewish Studies
Study Abroad Program(s): Hebrew University of Jerusalem & University College London Exchange
What was your favorite part of studying abroad?
I loved making friends with people from all over the world, as their perspectives informed my worldview. Also, I now have friends to visit in so many places!
What was your favorite food abroad?
Sabich from the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem was my favorite food abroad. It is fried eggplant and hard-boiled egg in a pita pocket full of fresh and pickled vegetables, with lots of hummus and tahini on top. People-watching while eating it in the vibrant and busy market was one of my favorite pastimes.
What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
The advice I would give to a future study abroad student is to go on spontaneous adventures; some of the most fun times I had were when I agreed to do something last minute, and if I hadn’t been flexible I would have missed out on great opportunities to make new friends and see more of the world.
Plans/goals for the future:
One of my goals for the future is to become fluent in Hebrew, so that I can move to Israel after I graduate and communicate with Israelis effectively.