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Frequently Asked Work Study Questions

Work Study Administration
520 Schmitz / (206) 685-1985

  1. Why hasn't anyone applied for my position?

    Perhaps you posted the position in Winter or Spring Quarter; most students will have selected their jobs in Fall Quarter. Perhaps the rate of pay needs to be revisited. Maybe transportation is an issue. Does your job description make the job sound inviting? Changes in the student population and regional economic conditions may also be a factor.

  2. The Job Referral Form shows quarterly award amounts; are students limited in the amount they can earn in one quarter?

    No. The entire award is available as earnings at any time during the school year. However, you may want to arrange hours so the student is able to work for the entire award year.

  3. Can the Work Study Award be increased?

    Often, yes. In many cases students have loans or unmet need that can be converted to Work Study. Many students would rather earn than borrow to meet their cost of education.

  4. Can I give the student a raise?

    Yes, many employers give raises as a reward for good performance, or as an incentive for retention. But if the raise is outside the pay range indicated on the job description, please advise the Work Study Office.

  5. Can students ever work more than 19 hours a week?

    Yes, students can work up to full-time during breaks when they are not in class. Sometimes students work more than 19 hours a week during school terms, but the reimbursement is limited to 19 hours per week. This practice is discouraged because more than 19 hours per week tends to erode academic performance.

  6. Our student employee has an award allocation that has not been exhausted when the school year ends (mid-June); can the unused portion be carried over into the summer?

    No, the end of the school year signifies the ending of the Work Study award period. Summer is the start of the new school year, and Work Study eligibility must be re-established based on the student's financial aid application for the next award year.

  7. We hired a student whose performance is outstanding and s/he has made a valuable contribution to our business/organization. Is there any way to recognize this contribution?

    Students always appreciate a raise, and we are always glad to hear success stories. Some students become regular employees at their Work Study site after graduation. A good letter of reference is welcome recognition. Letters of commendation can be sent to the Work Study Office; about March of each year the Washington State Association of Student Employment Administrators accepts nominations for a Student of the Year award. The Western Association of Student Employment Administrators also confers awards, and there is a national competition as well. For additional ideas, see