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Ko Sugeng Wibowo
T URB 260
Tacoma Campus

Urban Design Studio

Examines the intersection of architecture, landscape, public space, and infrastructure from a planning/design perspective. Provides an understanding of the various factors to be considered in the design process and introduces them to various design techniques.

Class description

Urban Design Studio will start with learning the design tools and urban design theories that will eventually converge into an urban design studio project for application of those skills and understanding. First training is proficiency in using SketchUp as a design tool. Students will be trained to use computer-aided design software, SketchUp, and possibly, in combination with AutoCAD/GIS model, as a tool to design a vibrant urban design project. Exercises and assignments will be given to the students to achieve basic skills to model the existing condition of the project and proposed design in 3D. Second training is to gain basic understanding of good urban design practices by learning about urban design theories and tours of several city districts in Tacoma. Therefore, students will gain an understanding of various urban design strategies, the importance of scale and context, the history of each place, and will develop the capability of analyzing urban problems. Last is exercise in conceptualizing urban design idea, conduct urban design project, and communicate the design ideas through drawings and models Students will design a specific urban design project. Guest critics will be invited to provide criticism at mid studio progress and at final presentation.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 03/26/2014