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Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Degree Programs

The Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance educates current and future leaders and generates knowledge to co-create solutions to pressing societal problems. The Evans School's expertise can be seen in practice throughout government, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and the private sector. Our academic programs extend from undergraduate to master's and doctoral programs, serving students across a wide spectrum of professional interests and at different stages in their educational and professional journeys.

Our undergraduate courses and the minor in Public Policy offer a relevant and exciting introduction to the field of public policy and frameworks leaders use to address complex 21st century public challenges. Students learn how to use data and evidence to make sound public decisions, design effective public policy responsive to human behavior, and grow leadership aptitude to navigate complex policy and policy environments.

In the Evans School's multiple master's-level public administration programs, students are equipped with a foundation of knowledge and skills key to success in mission-driven, public service careers. With coursework spanning core areas in management and leadership, policy analysis, quantitative methods, budgeting, and program evaluation, students develop keen problem-solving, analytic and leadership skills to launch and advance their careers across the public, nonprofit, philanthropic, and private sectors.

The PhD in Public Policy and Management program focuses on research that prepares students with a strong interdisciplinary perspective and a solid foundation of theory and methodology in policy analysis and management. It prepares students for successful careers in academic, and in research positions in the public and nonprofit sectors.