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The Information School

Degree Programs

The Information School (iSchool) is dedicated to preparing a rising generation of information leaders to embrace the challenges associated with the way we create, find, store, manipulate, and share information.

The iSchool offers four degree programs, leading to the Bachelor of Science in Informatics, Master of Library and Information Science, Master of Science in Information Management, and PhD in Information Science. Our approach to information instruction and scholarship examines information systems and technology from a user-centered perspective and through a lens of justice, equity, and inclusivity. By focusing on the human impact of information, the iSchool has become an important link between users of information and designers of information systems, connecting society with the information it needs.

Graduates of the iSchool assume a variety of professional roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, with positions that span from information architects to children's librarians, from web developers to information technology (IT) managers, from network and information assurance professionals to researchers and faculty in the information fields. Together, they are ambassadors for the transformative power of information when applied ethically and effectively.

The iSchool's research community is highly interdisciplinary and focused on significant, real-world challenges and efforts that make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Ongoing work focuses in the following areas:

The iSchool is working toward a more just world by dismantling institutional barriers through our research, education, and daily work. We create an environment that fosters appreciation, mutual respect and engagement among and between members of the iSchool, UW community and beyond, with special attention to the needs of vulnerable populations and minoritized and marginalized groups.

Undergraduate Programs

The Information School offers both a major and minor in Informatics. The Informatics major, a Bachelor of Science degree, offers students the opportunity to earn transcriptable options in human-computer interaction, information architecture, information assurance and cybersecurity, biomedical and health informatics, and data science. For more information, refer to the UW degree program catalog.

General Education Requirements

Refer to the Informatics degree program catalog listing for general education requirements.

Graduate Programs

The School offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), the Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Science. For more information about these programs, refer to the UW degree program catalog.