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Degree Programs

The College of Education is dedicated to equity and excellence in education through preparation and renewal of education professionals, promotion of social justice, advancement of knowledge through research, and connection of research to inform policy and improve practice.

The College of Education at the UW believes that an effective public education system for a diverse citizenry is the cornerstone of a democratic society. To that end, the College dedicates its resources to helping make an excellent education an everyday reality for every student in every community across the state and country. As part of a major university located in a metropolitan area, the College is able to work in collaboration with a number of school districts in the area to provide teaching, research, and field experiences for its students.

Undergraduate Programs

The College offers four programs of study: (1) Education, Communities, and Organizations; (2) Early Childhood and Family Studies; (3) Early Care and Education; (4) Education Studies. For more information about these programs, refer to the UW degree program catalog . In collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences, the College also offers an undergraduate minor in Education, Learning, and Society.

General Education Requirements

Each of the following undergraduate degree programs has different general education requirements. Refer to each degree program catalog listing for general education requirements.

Graduate Programs

In its graduate programs the College has four broad curricular areas: Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum; Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Policy Studies; Learning Sciences and Human Development; and Special Education, School Psychology, and Statistics. Graduate degrees conferred include the MIT, MEd, EdS, EdD, and PhD. Certification can be earned in teaching (elementary, secondary, and special education), school administration (principals, program administrators, and superintendents), and school psychology. For more information about these programs, refer to the UW degree program catalog.


Within the College of Education, a number of degree programs have formal accreditation. The School Psychology PhD program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). The School Psychology EdS program is also accredited by NASP and the Washington Professional Education Standards Board (PESB) for initial residency and continuing/professional certification.

Professional Certification

The College of Education is authorized by the State Board of Education to offer professional certificate programs in education for administrators, educational staff associates, and teachers. Program-design specialists are available to help with pre-program counseling, long-range planning, applications, registration, referrals to other campus resources, general program advising, and continuing/professional certificate requirements.

For more information, refer to the College of Education website.