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The UW Department of Dance prepares the next generation of performers, educators, arts advocates, and cultural leaders. At its core lies the recognition of art as the confluence of theory, practice, and creativity. With a commitment to respecting the individual, the Dance Program fosters inquiry and engages the community in open-minded exchange.

 Undergraduate Programs


261 Meany Hall

 Program of Study: Major: Dance

Program Overview

The Dance Major is a liberal arts degree which takes a broad approach to studying dance as: a movement practice, a performance activity, a choreographic enterprise, a social practice, a cultural practice, a creative endeavor, a subject of scientific inquiry, a subject of historical inquiry, and an agent of sociopolitical change. The curriculum includes study in a variety of genres, including African and African-Diasporic dance, Western concert dance, somatic practices, and social dance. Embodied learning is brought into dialogue with artistic, scientific, and humanistic modes of inquiry throughout the curriculum, which is designed for students with diverse backgrounds and interests. Students have opportunities to engage in academic or creative research, perform, choreograph, and contribute to community projects. Dance majors can elect to pursue an honors track.

This program of study leads to the following credential:
  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Dance
Admission Requirements

Applicants who meet the following requirements are accepted during autumn, winter, and spring quarters on a rolling basis.

  1. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA
  2. Successful completion of 3 credits in any of the academic courses required for the major.
  3. Successful completion of or registration in at least one dance technique course.

 Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Dance

Completion Requirements

Minimum 56 credits

  1. Core Courses (17 credits): DANCE 150, DANCE 166, DANCE 242, DANCE 271 (1 credit), DANCE 493 (5 credits)
  2. Dance Studies Courses (6-10 credits): Must include at least one diversity (DIV) course. See adviser for list of approved courses.
  3. Career Transition Course (3-5 credits): DANCE 480 or DANCE 494
  4. Dance Electives (6-12 credits): to reach minimum 38 credits in core, dance studies, dance electives, and career transition courses (or approved alternatives)
  5. Technique Courses: Minimum 18 credits from list of approved courses, representing at least four different movement idioms.
  6. Minimum 23 credits at the 300- or 400-level
  7. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA for courses applied to the major

 Program of Study: Minor: Dance

Program Overview

The Minor in Dance is open to all students who select from a wide range of practice-based and academic courses to investigate dance through a range of learning modalities. Practice-based courses include African and African-Diasporic dance, Western concert dance, somatic practices, and social dance. Students connect experiential learning to artistic, scientific, and humanistic modes of inquiry in a range of academic courses.

This program of study leads to the following credential:
  • Minor in Dance

 Minor in Dance

Completion Requirements

Minimum 25 credits

10 credits from Dance academic courses, and 15 credits from Dance technique courses. See adviser for approved lists.

Additional Information

Formerly the Department of Dance offered three option credentials: (1) General Core; (2) Creative Studies; and (3) Dance Studies. As of summer quarter 2022, however, these three option credentials have been replaced by a single major. Please refer to the UW Seattle General Catalog Archive for information about the option credentials.

Student Outcomes and Opportunities

  • Learning Objectives and Expected Outcomes: The Dance Program curriculum provides a balance between academic rigor and artistic development and serves as a basis for a broad range of career choices in dance related and other fields demanding strong communication skills, creativity, commitment, and the ability to work collaboratively and independently. Majors are encouraged to supplement their dance studies with coursework in other disciplines that provide a foundation for later specialization in dance ethnology, dance history and criticism, performance art, education, movement therapy, or movement science.
  • Instructional and Research Facilities: Three spacious and well-equipped dance studios in Meany Hall. A video and sound editing facility. Use of Meany Hall and the Meany Studio Theatre for Dance Program performances.
  • Honors Options Available: With College Honors (Completion of Honors Core Curriculum and Departmental Honors); With Honors (Completion of Departmental Honors requirements in the major). See adviser for requirements.
  • Dance Endorsement: See department website.
  • Department Scholarships: See adviser.
  • Research, Internships, and Service Learning: See adviser.
  • Student Organizations/Associations: Dance Student Association

 Graduate Program


255 Meany Hall
(206) 543-4178

 Program of Study: Master Of Fine Arts (Dance)

Program Overview

The program offers graduate study leading to an MFA that prepares dance artists (with a minimum eight years professional performance experience) for careers in higher education. The full two-year program begins mid June and includes summer quarter study. MFA candidates are supported in the development of a scholarly dimension to their creative work in dance, receive a tuition waiver, and earn a monthly stipend in exchange for working as a teaching assistant in the Dance Program. For more information visit: dance.washington.edu/graduate-programs

This program of study leads to the following credential:
  • Master Of Fine Arts (Dance)
Admission Requirements

Please see this program's Graduate Admissions page for requirements.

 Master Of Fine Arts (Dance)

Completion Requirements

71 credits

  1. Required Courses (44 credits): DANCE 510 Chamber Dance Production (16 credits total), DANCE 515, DANCE 516, DANCE 519, DANCE 520, DANCE 521, DANCE 530 (2 credits total), DANCE 531 (6 credits total), DANCE 590, DANCE 595
  2. Competency Courses (10 credits): DANCE 545, DANCE 493
  3. Elective Courses (to meet required total credits): Any course numbered 400-level and above taken while in graduate student status at the UW.For exceptions, see the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Note: A student may request a competency waiver for 2 credits of DANCE 530, 3 credits of DANCE 531, and as many as 10 credits for DANCE 545 and 493. In these cases, elective courses will be taken to replace waived courses.