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American Ethnic Studies

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The Department of American Ethnic Studies encompasses specific, interrelated, multiethnic, and transnational histories of African Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islander Americans, Chicanos/ Chicanas, Latinos/Latinas, and Native Americans. Nationally, it was among the first programs in this field to gain departmental status.

 Undergraduate Program

American Ethnic Studies

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 Program of Study: Major: American Ethnic Studies

Program Overview

American Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary and comparative exploration of historical and contemporary relations of power and issues of social justice in American societies. Our main fields of research and pedagogy focus on the United States but also extend into questions about global and transnational dimensions, concepts, and histories concerning race and ethnicity in America.

This program of study leads to the following credential:
  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in American Ethnic Studies
Recommended Preparation

Suggested First- and Second-Year College Courses: United States history, literature, drama, arts, sociology, political science, ethnic studies.

Admission Requirements

Students in good academic standing may declare this major at any time.

 Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in American Ethnic Studies

Credential Overview

Students earn a BA degree in American Ethnic Studies by taking core courses on ethnic-specific and comparative, multi-ethnic subjects. At the same time, they develop an emphasis in one of our concentrations - African American Studies, Asian American/Pacific Islander Studies, Chicano/a Studies, and Comparative AES - that make up the major.

Completion Requirements

60 credits

  1. Core courses (30 credits):
    1. 15 credits of AES 150, AES 151, AES 212
    2. 15 credits of AFRAM 101, AAS 101, CHSTU 101
  2. Concentration: 30 credits in one of the following: African American Studies, Asian/Pacific American Studies, Chicano Studies, Comparative American Ethnic Studies. See department for list of concentration courses. Some concentration requirements may be met while fulfilling the core courses requirement.
  3. Electives: Sufficient electives to reach 60 credits of approved courses applied to the major.
Additional Information

Student Outcomes and Opportunities

  • Learning Objectives and Expected Outcomes: The American Ethnic Studies curriculum prepares undergraduate students to understand the breadth, key content, methodologies, and theories in the field of ethnic studies as well as comparative interdisciplinary knowledge of African American, Asian/Pacific American, and Chicano issues. The major is designed to help students acquire the skills to think and write critically about race, class, and ethnicity in social and historical contexts and multiple categories of social diversity.
  • Instructional and Research Facilities: Writing Center
  • Honors Options Available: With College Honors (Completion of Honors Core Curriculum and Departmental Honors); With Honors (Completion of Departmental Honors requirements in the major). See adviser for requirements.
  • Research, Internships, and Service Learning: Students have the opportunity to become actively engaged in personalized research and discovery through independent study and research courses in each program concentration.
  • Department Scholarships: None
  • Student Organizations/Associations: Ethnic Studies Student Association