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Department Overview

RR215 University of Washington Medical Center

Diagnostic radiology is that branch of clinical medicine that specializes in interpretation of various imaging modalities in order to detect, to characterize, and (with increasing frequency) to treat a wide variety of diseases. Historically, x-rays were the first energy source utilized for these purposes, and they continue to be a mainstay of this discipline. More recently, the armamentarium has grown to include ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and positron-emission tomography. In nuclear medicine, one of radiology's major subspecialties, radionuclides are employed for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Another subspecialty is interventional radiology, wherein aspirations and biopsies, as well as therapeutic procedures such as abscess drainage, tumor embolization, and vascular stents are performed percutaneously.

The department consists of two clinical divisions: diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. Both are supported by technologists and faculty in radiation physics. Instruction is provided for medical students, residents, and fellows as well as for other physicians. The faculty and its teaching and research activities are represented in each hospital affiliated with the University.