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Quantitative Science

Program Overview

The Center for Quantitative Science is an interdisciplinary program administered by the College of Environment with cooperation from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. It provides high-quality instruction in mathematical and applied statistical methods for undergraduate students who major in the biological and ecological sciences, renewable resources management, and environmental studies. The center provides instruction in an atmosphere that emphasizes the use of quantitative methods to better understand a variety of scientific phenomena. Faculty represent various applied scientific disciplines within the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences and the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

006 Anderson Hall, Box 352100
(206) 543-1191

Students in environmental, biological, ecological, and resource management majors may wish to complete a minor in quantitative science to document their understanding of the mathematical and statistical methods used in these competitive and increasingly quantitative fields.

Undergraduate Program

The Center for Quantiataive Science offers the following program of study:

  • A minor in quanitative science


Minor Requirements: A minimum of 27 credits, as follows:

  1. Core courses (24-25 credits): Q SCI 291, Q SCI 292 (or MATH 124, MATH 125); Q SCI 381, Q SCI 482; Q SCI 483 (or Q SCI 403/STAT 403)
  2. Electives (3-5 credits): Selected from an approved list of electives, a partial list of which includes Q SCI 210/ENVIR 210, Q SCI 403/STAT 403 (if not taken as part of core courses, above), Q SCI 454/FISH 454, Q SCI 480/STAT 480, Q SCI 483 (if not taken as part of core courses, above), Q SCI 486/STAT486. See adviser for possible additional qualifying courses.
  3. A minimum 2.0 grade is required in each course taken as part of the minor.