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Graduate Program

The two-year, full-time MA program attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds including, but not limited to, art history, technology, zoology, anthropology, international studies, education, and business administration. Coursework provides the foundational knowledge for museum work, regardless of a student's area of expertise, while also creating an opportunity for students to become subject-matter experts. Many classes are project-based and connect students with working museum professionals.

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Master of Arts

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission is for autumn quarter only. Application deadline: January 15
  2. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or its equivalent from a foreign institution
  3. Minimum 3.00 (or B) GPA in most recent two years of study
  4. Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency.

Degree Requirements

Minimum 60 credits

The museology graduate program takes two years to complete, consisting of six quarters of academic study and research. During the first year, students carry on average between 10 and 15 credits each quarter; during the second year, the number of credits may vary depending on research, practicum, and internship work. Students may enroll part time with permission from the program director

  1. Core: MUS 500, MUS 599, MUS 601, MUS 700 (minimum 24 credits)
  2. Research and Evaluation: MUS 570 (required), MUS 574, MUS 575, MUS 576 (minimum 4 credits)
  3. Organizational Development: MUS 560, MUS 562, MUS 566, MUS 568, and approved leadership courses in other academic units (minimum 8 credits)
  4. Public Engagement: MUS 520, MUS 524, MUS 528, MUS 588, MUS 594 (minimum 8 credits)
  5. Collections Stewardship: MUS 540, MUS 541, MUS 542 (minimum 3 credits)
  6. Electives: outside museology (minimum 10 credits)
  7. Additional credits from items 1 through 6, above, to reach minimum 60 credits

Specialization in Museum Evaluation

Optional specialization that integrates strengths of mentoring, fieldwork, academic, and client-centered experiences. See program website for additional information.

Museology also offers a graduate certificate in museum studies for graduate students in other UW degree programs. To qualify, students take a specified minimum set of key courses in areas that emphasize either collection research and management, or museum administration and interpretation, to include hands-on work experience. The certificate program is not currently accepting applications.