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Integrated Social Sciences

Program Overview

The Integrated Social Sciences program provides a broad interdisciplinary education in the social sciences for undergraduates. It emphasizes development of critical and integrative thinking for students interested in human society and social problems. ISS is an online degree-completion program aimed at students who have already completed a substantial amount of college coursework.

Undergraduate Program

206 Cunningham Hall, Box 353070
(206) 685-9415

Integrated Social Sciences offers the following program of study:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in integrated social sciences

Bachelor of Arts

Suggested First- and Second-Year College Courses: General coursework developing critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. Coursework which satisfies general education requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences, including courses in English composition, foreign language, and quantitative and symbolic reasoning.

Department Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum 75 transferable quarter credits
  2. Minimum 2.00 GPA in all transferable college coursework
  3. Minimum 2.50 GPA in all courses applied to ISS major requirements
  4. Completion in high school or community college of College Academic Distribution Requirement (CADR).
  5. Demonstrated progress toward University and College of Arts and Sciences general education requirements

ISS accepts only program-specific students. Admission is competitive. Completion of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the University. In addition, applicants are evaluated on the following criteria: (1) overall academic record; (2) a personal statement; (3) likelihood of success in an online-format program, based on a separate application question.

Major Requirements

60 credits as follows:

  1. ISS Core (20 credits): ISS 301; ISS 302; ISS 350; ISS 355; ISS 401
  2. Thematic areas courses (40 credits), to include at least one 5-credit course from each of five of the following seven areas of inquiry: (1) information and technology; (2) population movement; (3) conflict and cooperation; (4) diversity and global justice; (5) inequalities and power; (6) health and risk; (7) societies and environments. Three or more disciplinary prefixes must be included. The list of approved courses is available from the ISS advising office or the program website.
  3. 30 of the 40 thematic areas course credits must be upper division.
  4. Minimum 45 credits applied to major requirements must be taken through the UW ISS program.
  5. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA in courses applied to major requirements
  6. Completion of all Arts and Sciences general education requirements