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Human Rights

Program Overview

The issue of human rights has attracted increased attention around the world. The tri-campus Human Rights minor at the University of Washington provides students the opportunity to learn about the political, philosophical, economic, cultural, and legal aspects of this complex subject.

Undergraduate Program

215 Smith, Box 353530
(206) 543-1824

111 Thomson, Box 353650
(206) 543-6001

The human rights minor is offered at all three University campuses, allowing students to take advantage of the expertise available on the campuses where they are not regularly in residence, although the minor can be completed on any one campus.


Minor Requirements: 25 credits, to include the following:

  1. 10 credits from an approved list of courses* concerned with human rights as a core concept
  2. 5 credits from an approved list of courses* concerned with human rights in a broad context
  3. 10 additional credits drawn from the above approved lists of courses* concerned with human rights
  4. At least 3 credits of the required 25 credits must be in a human-rights-related internship, practicum, international study abroad, or demonstrated equivalent. Courses that satisfy this requirement include BIS 403, BIS 480; LSJ 310, LSJ 499, POL S 496, JSIS 387, and similar practicum and study-abroad courses in other programs (on the Seattle campus); and TIAS 496. See adviser for faculty-approved alternatives. Courses used to satisfy this requirement must be approved/supervised by the faculty offering courses appropriate to the minor. Credits for the minor may be completed across the three UW campuses, or on any single campus. If the minor is completed by a Seattle-major student, no more than 10 credits applied to the minor may be in the student's major department.

* The list of core courses and context courses is maintained by the Human Rights Advisory Committee. For the current list of such courses, see Note: From time to time, the advisory committee adds, subtracts, or reclassifies courses on the approved list. Students who have planned their studies on the basis of an earlier list may fulfill the requirements of the minor as specified in that earlier list.