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Education, Learning, and Society

Undergraduate Program

B507 Padelford
(206) 616-2352


The minor in education, learning, and society, jointly sponsored by the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences, provides a strong background in how human beings learn, and how society, environment, and culture shape learning.

Minor Requirements:

31 credits, to include:

  1. Learning and Development: one from PSYCH 206 (prerequisite, PSYCH 101), PSYCH 306, NURS 201, EDPSY 302, EDPSY 406 (5 credits)
  2. Schooling and Society: one from AES 340, CHID 210, EDUC 305, EDUC 310, SOC 292 (5 credits).
  3. Field Experience: any combination of EDUC 260, EDUC 360, EDUC 361, EDUC 369, GEN ST 346, and GEN ST 470 (with ELS adviser approval, student may substitute one of the following: GEN ST 350, ECFS 303, ECFS 304, ECFS 305, ECFS 454, ECFS 455, ECFS 456, EDC&I 499, EDPSY 499, EDSPE 499, CHID 497, or other related courses) (5 credits).
  4. EDUC 299 (1 credit).
  5. Electives: 15 credits from an approved list. For list, see adviser or College website.
  6. Up to 15 credits of the minor may overlap with a student's major and up to 5 credits may overlap with another minor.

Undergraduate students from outside the College of Education may take courses offered to help them explore the field of education and prepare for graduate study. Fieldwork courses in local schools or social service agencies give students opportunities to make informed career and academic choices. Students may also complete prerequisites for graduate programs. Further, requirements to meet endorsement (subject) guidelines for secondary teaching may be completed by undergraduates.