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Biomolecular Structure and Design

N107 Foege, Box 355061

The department's graduate program educates doctoral students for careers involving teaching or research in the biomedical sciences. Graduates have a broad knowledge of biological structure at all levels, from the molecular to the human anatomical, with a major emphasis on the cellular level.

Students select research and teaching options. Research options provide training for a student in one or two of the following areas: cell and developmental biology, neurobiology, quantitative biology, cellular immunology, molecular biology, and macromolecular structure. Teaching options prepare the student to teach in one of the anatomical sub-disciplines: human anatomy, neuroanatomy/neurobiology, histology, embryology/developmental biology, cell biology, and macromolecular structure.

Graduate Program

Graduate Program Coordinator
G514 Health Sciences, Box 357420

Master of Science

Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum 3.00 GPA
  2. Bachelor's degree in one of the following or a related area: chemistry, biology, physics, biochemistry, or biophysics.
  3. GRE
  4. Minimal course requirements for successful applicants:
    1. Chemistry: general, organic, and physical
    2. Physics: one year
    3. Mathematics: one year of calculus; multivariable calculus and/or linear algebra strongly recommended
    4. Biology and/or biochemistry: one year general biology plus one advanced course in biology or biochemistry
  5. Undergraduate research experience strongly recommended
  6. International students must have a minimum score on one test as follows: 7.0 IELTS; 92 TOEFL iBT; 237 TOEFLC; 580 TOEFL; 90 MLT.
  7. International students planning to study with BMSD faculty in the Chemistry Department must have a minimum score on one test as follows: 26 on the speaking portion of the TOEFL iBT; 7.0 on the speaking portion of the IELTS; 70 on the Versant English Test; 55 on the TSE; 230 on the SPEAK test administered at the UW.

Degree Requirements

36 credits

  1. Required courses: BIOC 530; BMSD 540, BMSD 541, BMSD 542; BMSD 520 taken every quarter
  2. 12 graded elective credits covering at least three of the following four BMSD topics: biomolecular structure, techniques in biomolecular structure, molecular and cellular biology, and chemistry
  3. At least one sequence of Biomedical Research Integrity workshops in the first or second year, offered summer quarter each year.
  4. Teaching: serve as teaching assistant two quarters
  5. Research: rotate through a minimum of two and a maximum of three participating laboratories during the first year Students may also do an early rotation during summer quarter.