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Reserve Officer Training Corps Programs
Aerospace Studies

Department Overview

104 Clark Hall

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program (AFROTC) at the UW produces leaders ready to lead in any environment. AFROTC molds students by exposing them to a rigorous training program that grooms each student from a role of followership into a future leader.

Undergraduate Program

Detachment 910
114 Clark Hall
Box 353830
(206) 543-2360

General Program Requirements

All aerospace studies courses are available to cadets exclusively. Additionally any students may join the AFROTC program as cadets and enroll in the 100- and 200-level general military courses so long as they meet the minimum entrance requirements. Aerospace Studies 100- and 200-level courses count as credit toward graduation. The general military courses are prerequisites to entry into the professional officer courses (300-and 400-level courses) and seeking a commission in the Air Force is on a controlled, selective basis. Contact the Recruiting Flight Commander in the Department of Aerospace studies (AFROTC) for more information.

Commissioning Requirements

Students must successfully complete the AFROTC program and receive an academic degree from the University. Upon program and degree completion, cadets are offered commissions as second lieutenants in the Air Force.

General Military Courses

The 100- and 200-level courses for AFROTC cadets consist of one classroom hour, two hours of leadership laboratory, and two hours of physical fitness per week during the freshman and sophomore years. Uniforms and textbooks are provided. Students may enter the freshman class at the start of autumn, winter, or spring quarter. Sophomore students may enter at the start of autumn or winter quarter and take the freshman- and sophomore-level courses concurrently. A four-week field-training course, normally taken during the summer between the sophomore and junior years, is required for entry into the professional officer courses. Students receive pay and travel costs for field training.

Except for sophomore cadets on AFROTC scholarship, students incur no active-duty service commitment by taking general military courses and may drop the courses at any time within the limits of University course-drop policies.

Professional Officer Courses

Cadets selected for enrollment in professional officer courses are enlisted in the Air Force Reserve and receive a tax-free monthly subsistence stipend. They are furnished texts and uniforms. Junior- and senior-level classes consist of three hours of academic classes, two hours of leadership-laboratory and two hours of physical fitness per week.

Financial Assistance

The Air Force offers many types of scholarships to college students. AFROTC scholarships pay tuition, certain fees, and textbook reimbursement. In addition, scholarship winners receive a monthly subsistence allowance. Cadets are eligible for one of these scholarships and should contact the Recruiting Flight Commander in the Department of Aerospace Studies (AFROTC), (206) 543-2360 or at


Minor Requirements:

29 credits, to include the following:

  1. 24 credits of air and space studies coursework
  2. 5 credits in a foreign language beyond the first-year level
  3. Minimum 18 upper-division credits in air and space studies coursework
  4. Minimum 24 credits in residence through the UW
  5. Minimum 2.5 grade in each course presented for the minor.