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Department Overview

BB1459 Health Sciences

The Department of Anesthesiology maintains an active program of teaching and research for both the specialist and nonspecialist. Medical students are introduced to the principles of anesthetic management and the effects of anesthetic agents on circulatory and respiratory physiology. The clinical-clerkship program provides basic training in airway management and care of the unconscious patient. A three-year residency program is available for physicians who desire specialty training in anesthesiology. In addition, advanced clinical and research training is offered in several major subspecialty areas (cardiac anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, obstetrical anesthesia, pain management, and regional anesthesia). Opportunities for collaborative research are available to undergraduate and graduate students. The department conducts a regular series of clinical conferences, didactic lectures, and research seminars. Questions regarding medical student clerkships may be directed to Dr. John Bramhall at (206) 231-2847 or Other training questions may be directed to the Residency Coordinator at (206) 543-2773 or