Student Conduct

Respondent Resources

Navigating the student conduct process can be a complicated and challenging experience for students.  The University understands the strain a conduct process can place on students’ academic, work, and social lives and wants them to feel confident that they fully comprehend and are able to navigate the system.

The Conduct Offices, linked on the side bar, each offer support and information to students on their respective campuses named as respondents in a student conduct proceeding, including matters being investigated by the Title IX Investigation Office.  A member of these teams will meet with respondents throughout the process to provide support. During meetings, staff will meet with respondents one-on-one to discuss:

  • Their rights in the process
  • Considerations for navigating the process, including no contact orders, academic advocacy, and other interim measures
  • How to complete forms and letters
  • What to expect during an investigation and any hearing
  • How to prepare for their hearings

While staff are not confidential resources and will not advocate for the respondent during the process, they will work to ensure that respondents are prepared for the process. If a full hearing will occur, respondent resource staff will help the respondent prepare for the prehearing conference and will attend the prehearing conference with them. Additionally, they are available to attend any hearing with the respondent.

If you are interested in meeting with a member of a Conduct Office staff to discuss respondent resources, please contact them via the appropriate campus Conduct Office website.