Student Conduct

Notice of Conduct Proceeding and Investigative Interview

The conduct officer will provide written notice to the respondent, and in matters involving sexual misconduct to the complainant, that the conduct officer is initiating a conduct proceeding and scheduling an investigative interview. This notice will most often be in the form of an email to the respondent (and complainant’s) UW email address(es).

The notice will include:

  • A brief description of the alleged misconduct;
  • The specific section(s) of the student conduct code allegedly violated; and
  • Information about the range of sanctions that may be imposed in a conduct proceeding.

Additionally information will be provided to the respondent (and complainant, when appropriate) on how to request that a conduct officer recuses themselves for a perceived conflict of interest, bias, prejudice or any other applicable cause.  This is called disqualification.

The conduct officer will also schedule an investigative interview with the respondent as part of the fact-finding process.

If the respondent (or a complainant, if a party) fails to respond to notices or does not participate in the conduct proceeding at any stage of the proceeding, the conduct officer may move forward with the conduct proceeding without the participation of the party.

Additionally, a conduct officer may place a conduct hold on a student’s registration.