Student Conduct

Conduct Holds on Student Records

A conduct office or other designated University official may place a hold (“conduct hold”) on the student’s record if the student is the respondent in a pending report of prohibited conduct, a pending conduct proceeding under the student conduct code and either Chapter 209 or Chapter 210 of the Student Governance and Policies, or in conjunction with a disciplinary sanction under the code.

A conduct hold may restrict the student from registering for classes, requesting an official transcript, or receiving a degree from the University until the hold has been removed. If a conduct hold is put in place pending or during a conduct proceeding, the student will be notified of the hold and be advised how to raise an objection about the hold or request that it be made less restrictive. The hold will remain in place until lifted by the conduct office or other designated University official with authority to do so.

Implementation of any conduct hold does not assume any determination of, or create any expectation of, responsibility for prohibited conduct under the conduct code and this policy.

Typically, a conduct hold will be lifted when circumstances change, where the hold is no longer necessary, or at the completion of a conduct proceeding. If a conduct hold is necessary to monitor a sanction, notification of the hold will be incorporated into the initial order or final order.