Student Conduct

Conduct Code and Policy

The University of Washington Student Conduct Code is detailed and explained by one Washington state code law and two Student Governance and Policy documents:

WAC 478-121 – The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter detailing the Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington. The chapter has been updated to include the conduct prohibited by and procedures required of the 2020 Department of Education federal regulations.

Chapter 209 – Student conduct policy for academic misconduct and behavioral misconduct.

Chapter 210 – Student conduct policy for discriminatory and sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, sexual misconduct, stalking and retaliation. (Note: Interim changes based on the 2020 Department of Education federal regulations are not yet reflected in this policy.)

The policies and WAC were designed to comply with the Washington State Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 34.05 Revised Code of Washington, which is a state law that governs state agencies.

Student Governance and Policies, Chapter 210, was also designed to comply with the University’s responsibilities under various federal and state civil rights laws.

If you have additional questions not addressed in the policies or on the website, you are encouraged to contact a conduct office listed on this website. If you have further questions about sexual misconduct prohibited by the Department of Education, you may contact the Office of the Title IX Coordinator.


The policy documents are also reviewed by an Advisory Committee:

Advisory Committee on Student Conduct – The President of the University has charged the Advisory Committee on Student Conduct with reviewing and evaluating conduct processes and outcomes and making recommendations for potential revisions to policies and procedures.