Student Conduct

Advisory Committee on Student Conduct

The University is committed to fostering the success and safety of our students.  The  Student Conduct Code is designed to facilitate our educational mission and protect the rights of students involved in conduct proceedings.

The President has charged and authorized the Advisory Committee on Student Conduct with reviewing and evaluating conduct processes and outcomes and making recommendations to the Faculty Council on Student Affairs for potential revisions to policies and procedures.  The committee will also provide an annual report to the President.


Theo Myhre, Chair, Advisory Committee on Student Conduct and Senior Lecturer, School of Law

Kara Blake, Hearing Coordinator

Glenna Chang, Interim Associate Vice President for Student Life, UW Seattle

Emily Christian, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, UW Bothell

Carrie Evans, Representative from the Diversity Council and Assistant Dean of Student Services & Executive Education, Evans School

Kate Horowitz, Conduct Officer and Director, Residential Life & Student Conduct, UW Bothell

Mary Hotchkiss, Reviewing Officer and Senior Lecturer, School of Law

Mentha Hynes-Wilson, Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services, UW Tacoma

Chris Laws, Representative from Faculty Council on Students Affairs

Jill Lee, Executive Director, Compliance Services

Elizabeth Lewis, Conduct Officer and Director, Community Standards & Student Conduct, UW Seattle

Ian Messerle, Conduct Officer and Manager, Title IX Investigation Office

Ed Mirecki, Conduct Officer and Dean of Student Engagement, Student and Enrollment Services, UW Tacoma

Julia Parrish, Conduct Officer and Associate Dean, College of the Environment

Anton Ward-Zanotto, Review Coordinator

Jeff Schwartz, Reviewing Officer and Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology, UW Medicine

Connor Myers, ASUWT Representative

Caleb Lohrmann, ASUWB representative

BJ Dondoyano, ASUWS Representative (thru 2019)

Katie Vale, GPSS Representative (thru 2019)

Sarah Schulte, Assistant Attorney General, UW Division (legal advisor)


If you have questions or concerns for the Advisory Committee, please contact:

Anton Ward-Zanotto, Review Coordinator for Student Conduct Proceedings
Executive Office of the President & Provost