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Re-envisioning our shared future

Our shared future depends on choices we make today. Even small changes lead to large and lasting impact.

The Provost launched the Two Years to Two Decades (2y2d) Initiative to guide us through 2009-11, the worst of the economic crisis, strong and well-positioned for the 21st century, managing change rather than letting change manage us.

As the UW moved beyond the initial two years, Provost Cauce recognized the usefulness of this framework.  The UW can apply the 2y2d approach not only in times of crisis, but as an ongoing process. It is a framework to think about near-term decision-making and our shared future that is strategic and dynamic. It helps planners and leaders carefully consider the next two decades and envision their trajectory, while also focusing on realistic, specific planning and implementation for the next two years.

2y2d, therefore, refers to a rolling two-year and two-decade window. It helps decision-makers at all levels—faculty, students, staff and administration—engage in continuous, thoughtful consideration, re-thinking or re-affirming priorities to best serve our UW community. 2y2d brings together these groups working towards shared priorities, aids in their success and shares their best practices, and launches efforts where new action is required.

2009–2013 2y2d timeline

2y2d Timeline
Click image to enlarge, or view the 2y2d Timeline as a PDF.