State Relations

September 22, 2021

Sen. Salomon visits College of the Environment

Senator Jesse Salomon, Vice Chair of the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee, visited UW Seattle this week to meet with College of the Environment faculty and staff to learn more about their environmental research and programs to help inform his legislative work.

The UW College of the Environment connects educators, researchers, students, and citizens, who work with and learn from each other while tackling critical environmental challenges. Students, faculty, and staff work on a wide range of topics including climate ecology, natural resource management, and marine, earth, and space processes. The College offers approximately 450 courses to students and awards more than 510 degrees each year.

During his visit, Sen. Salomon received high-level briefings on the collaborations to support the conservation of fish, wildlife, and their habitats in Washington state; forest fire and climate change in the Pacific Northwest; and the dynamics of ungulate and carnivore populations and communities in the state. The legislature has an interest in all of these topics and this important research is an important tool to help inform future policy and agency decisions.

Thank you, Sen. Salomon, for visiting and your support of the UW.