State Relations

May 2, 2019

Legislature adjourns after passing 2019-21 budgets

Late Sunday evening, the legislature passed the 2019-21 operating and capital budgets, marking the end of the 105-day legislative session. The budgets have been delivered to Governor Inslee for signature.

The legislature made significant investments in the UW and higher education in the final compromise budgets. The budgets provide increased funding for student financial aid and critical foundational budgetary needs for the UW. Both the operating and capital budgets include key funding to support UW Medicine and the state’s behavioral health system. The final budgets will help ensure that the UW and our hospitals will be able to advance our public service missions and better serve the needs of our students, faculty and staff, and community. Thank you to our legislators for their hard work and support of UW!

For a comprehensive summary of the operating and capital budgets, click here to view a brief prepared by the UW’s Office of Planning and Budgeting.

The UW Office of State Relations is grateful to the UW campus community, Board of Regents, and President Ana Mari Cauce for their efforts in Olympia this session. Check out President Cauce’s most recent blog post, where she provides her comments on the final budgets and results from the 2019 Legislative Session.

Stay tuned for updates during the interim.