State Relations

February 4, 2019

News from Olympia: Legislative session day 22, President Cauce meets with legislators

It’s the start of week four of the 2019 Legislative Session and the UW community has been busy in Olympia. Here are some of the highlights:

President Cauce visits Olympia

On Tuesday, January 22 President Ana Mari Cauce made her first visit to Olympia for the 2019 legislative session. She championed the UW’s legislative agenda as she met with leaders and legislators in both the Senate and House of Representatives. She also had the opportunity to participate in a TVW interview with WSU President, Kirk Schulz, on the Yes, It’s Possible campaign. The UW and WSU have teamed up on this campaign to spread the word to Washington families that public higher education is affordable and achievable. Her visit concluded with the Council of Presidents legislative reception. At the reception, President Cauce connected with other university presidents, higher education leaders, stakeholders, and advocates

Yes, It's Possible (AMC + Schulz)Confirmation hearing for Regent Zhou

On the same day, the confirmation hearing of Regent Kaitlyn Zhou was held in the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development committee. Regent Zhou provided testimony about her background and commitment to service to the UW. She was unanimously confirmed by the committee, which means her appointment will now move to the Senate floor for a vote. The UW community is proud of Regent Zhou and her leadership.

Kaitlyn Zhou (EDITED)

UW experts present before Senate & House committees

In week 1, Amy Snover, PhD, Director of the Climate Impacts Group and University Director of the NW Climate Adaption Science Center, briefed the Senate Energy, Climate, and Technology committee on the National Climate Assessment and the impacts to Washington state.

In week 2, Samuel Wasser, PhD, Director of the Center for Conservation Biology and Research Professor in the Dept. of Biology, presented before the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks committee on wolves in Washington and his team’s predator/prey research.

In week 3, Senait Habte, Assistant Director & Making Connections Program Manager at the UW Women’s Center, made a presentation to the House Innovation, Technology & Economic Development committee on the issue of equity in the tech center.

Our experts provided legislators with valuable information that will help inform decision making and the legislative process throughout session.

Senait (EDITED)

Legislative testimony highlight

Morgan Hickel, Associate Director of State Relations, testified before the Senate Ways & Means committee and House Capital Budget committee on the Governor’s proposed capital budget. She applauded the funding the Governor provided to construct a new health sciences education building in Seattle and encouraged legislators to support this request. She also highlighted our additional capital budget requests and asked legislators to include these important asks in their final budget.