State Relations

November 9, 2016

Update from State Relations: Initial state election results are in

The State Relations team has been closely monitoring the results of the election for our state-wide and state legislative offices. Here are some of the highlights and things to expect in January 2017:

-Governor Jay Inslee will continue to reside in the Governor’s mansion.

-Five new faces in state-wide office:

Lt. Governor: Cyrus Habib – current State Senator for the 48th legislative district

State Treasurer: Duane Davidson – current Benton County Treasurer

State Auditor: Pat McCarthy – current Pierce County Executive

Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz – current executive director for Futurewise

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal – current State Representative for the 22nd legislative district

-The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus lost one seat to Senate Democrats, but will retain control of the chamber by a 25-24 margin. (The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus is comprised of Senate Republicans and one Democrat.)

-The House Democratic Caucus is positioned to maintain its majority with 50 seats accounted for. Depending upon the outcome of close races in the 5th and 19th legislative districts, they could expand their majority to 52-46.

-New senators to be appointed in the 37th, 45th and 48th legislative districts:

With the death of Senator Andy Hill, and the election of Senator Pramila Jayapal to Congress and Senator Cyrus Habib as Lt. Governor, there will be three additional seats to fill when the legislative session begins on January 9.