UW Rome Center

Student Conduct

Remember at all times that you are a visitor in a foreign country as well as a representative of the University of Washington.

  • The U.S. and Italy are different in many ways, and while some Italian laws and customs may seem unreasonable to visitors, students must be aware of them and should be sensitive to them.
  • While in Rome, you must act in an appropriate manner at all time and to follow the UW Standards for Conduct for Study Abroad.
  • If you do not follow these standards for conduct, disciplinary action may be brought against you and the UW Standards for Conduct for Study Abroad will be followed.
  • You signed a document agreeing to follow the UW Standards for Conduct for Study Abroad and submitted the signed document to UW Study Abroad when confirming your acceptance to your program.

In churches, cloisters and other religious sites, remember that you are entering as a privilege. Your conduct and clothing should show respect to the culture and religion of Italy.