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Italian law requires that all non-Italian students living in Italy have medical insurance, regardless of duration of stay. Under Italian law, emergency medical treatment is provided to Italian nationals and foreign nationals alike, regardless of insurance coverage. That said, treatment received in an Italian emergency department may subject to a fee. If follow-up care is required, the hospital will ask for proof of insurance.

UW students must purchase UW Student Abroad Insurance before departing in order to comply with UW policy and Italian immigration requirements. The UW plan through CISI Insurance includes comprehensive medical coverage abroad; medical, security and natural disaster evacuation services; travel assistance services; and trip delay. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email with your identification card. Be sure to save your identification card, as you will be required to present this along with a photo ID if you see a doctor or visit the hospital while abroad.

Before you see a doctor, you must call CISI’s travel assistance provider, On Call International, to establish a case number. When you call, identify yourself as a University of Washington student and be prepared to provide the university’s policy number (EQX2022003 SA) as well as your Participant ID (Found on your CISI insurance card). For medical expenses under $100, you must pay out-of-pocket and then may submit a claim for reimbursement to CISI. To file a claim, you must contact CISI by phone or email within twenty (20) days of the occurrence or as soon as reasonably possible. For medical expenses over $100, students can request a Financial Hardship, in which case CISI will issue a guarantee of payment and will pay the hospital or clinic directly.

CISI Contact Information

  • For emergency and non-emergency 24-hour medical and travel assistance:
  • For questions about insurance coverage or claims, contact: