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Admin Action (AA)

Administrative Actions—usually referred to as Admin Actions--record a type of action or adjustment to an application or an award in SPAERC.

Application (A)
An Application is the eGC1 created and submitted by research staff on campus to request funding from a single Sponsor for a single project. The application includes the proposal components for submission to the sponsor. It also includes:
  • Information about the PI and any other research personnel
  • The funding agency (sponsor) and its submission deadline
  • The proposed dates and type of funding
  • A brief description of the project (abstract)
  • The budget and any cost sharing information
  • The attached proposal documents that will be submitted to the sponsor
  • Attachments of any other relevant documents needed by reviewers.
Close Out (CO)
A Close Out is a type of Administrative Action that is used internally by OSP. There are 4 types:
  • Technical Report
  • Invention Statement
  • Archive File
  • Other (explained in the comments field)
Competing Segment
The periods of a grant where there is open competition for funding.
Cycle (C)
In SPAERC, Cycles provide a structure for organizing and storing related items into a group. Most commonly, a Cycle is an electronic file that contains all the items relating to a specific Sponsored Project during a specific competing segment. Cycles are a convenient mechanism for tracking the progression of a competing segment and the relationship of the items created within that segment.
Form submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs along with the proposal which contains the budget, institutional signatures, basic proposal information, addresses and policy issues.
Funding Action (FA)
A Funding Action (FA) is the electronic form by which OSP transmits award information to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) when a proposal is funded. GCA uses information provided in the FA for budget set-up and award distribution. An FA also begins as a generic AA, which is then converted.
Grant Runner
A component of SAGE that allows some grant applications to be submitted to electronically by OSP. SAGE combines the eGC1 and the sponsor forms for some funding opportunities (NIH R01s, R03s and R21s with modular budgets). UW institutional codes and some eGC1 information are pre-populated, there is automatic checking for required fields and common errors, and the status of the submission is documented on the History & Comments page for easy tracking and reference.

There are five types of items you can process in SPAERC: 1) Applications, 2) Administrative actions, 3) Funding actions, 4) Cycles, and 5) Subcontracts. There is also a logical hierarchy of items related to a project as it moves through time from proposal application to awarded project and eventual completion of research and close-out.

Non-Award Agreement (NAA)

A generic agreement not pertaining to funding. An NAA is a type of Administrative Action.

Parent-Child Relationship

When an item of one type is related to another, they are referred to as parent and child. A "parent" item might be a cycle, application, or action and its "child" might be an application or another action.

Post Award Change (PAC)
A post-award change is an adjustment made to an award that needs involvement from OSP. A PAC is a type of Administrative Action.
Pre Award Notification (PAN)
An electronic mechanism used by OSP to track information or changes to submitted proposal prior to award notification. Common examples of PANs: Just in Time Information, Other Support Pages, Sponsor notifications. A PAN is a type of Administrative Action.
A set of forms and format to request funding from a specific sponsor. Sponsors usually have their own application forms, instructions and submission process.
The SAGE Suite is the web-based system for supporting electronic Research Administration (eRA) at the University of Washington. The suite is comprised of three systems - SAGE, SPAERC, and SERA - three views of a single database. SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) is used by Faculty, administrators, and staff to submit funding applications and request advance budget numbers.

GCA staff use SERA (System for Electronic Research Accounting) to view and process items related to the awarded proposals. From within SERA, they can access Funding Actions (FA), Post-Award Changes (PAC), and Advance Budget Number Requests (ADV).

Sponsored Programs Administration and Electronic Research Compliance (SPAERC) is the part of the SAGE Suite of tools to support research administration which is used by the Office of Sponsored Programs.
A subcontract is a portion of a UW grant that is being completed at a different institution. In SPAERC, the subcontract form specifies information related to a specific subcontract such as the name and type of subcontractor and the amount awarded to date. Subcontracts are not covered in this guide, as only the subcontracts group within OSP work with them.


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