FIDS Just In Time Email Notifications

Just in Time (JIT) email notifications are triggered as a result of one of the following actions:

  • OSP is informed of a fundable score and clicks the Just in Time button for an approved eGC1
  • OSP receives funding for an approved eGC1 and creates a Funding Action for it
  • OSP changes the status of an approved eGC1 to Awarded

Once JIT has been triggered, a batch job that runs twice a day (mid-day and late evening) creates email notifications that are sent to people associated with the eGC1.

  • The PI, Admin & Budget Contacts and Preparer are notified the eGC1 has had JIT triggered and they should ensure that the personnel list is up-to-date.
  • Any investigators who have not yet created a disclosure for this eGC1 are notified to do so, and pending disclosures are created.
  • Any investigators who are required to take PHS training and have not yet done so are reminded of the requirement.


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