Am I considered an “Investigator” if I am funded by a Public Health Service (PHS) but my PHS-sponsored award is not for a specific research project?

No; however, the PHS definition of "research" includes funding mechanisms to which the regulation applies such as a research grant, career development award, center grant, individual fellowship award, infrastructure award, Institutional training grant, program project, or research resources award. "Investigator" means any University personnel, regardless of title or position, including a University Research Employee who is responsible for the design, conduct or report of University Research.   If your PHS-sponsored award is not directly supporting a specific research project, then it is not subject to the University’s FCOI policy.  For example, if you are UW investigator receiving funds from the National Library of Medicine that is not identified with a specific research award, the recipient is not required to be an "investigator."

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