November 2013

The following updates were released on November 26th, 2013:

  • SPAERC applications, FAs, and AAs will now have a single location to be assigned after review by OSP – “File.” FAs and eGC1s with a status of “In OSP” can no longer be assigned to “File.” Items that now belong in “File” have been reassigned and documented with appropriate notes in the history.
  • GCA and OSP collaborated to determine several Funding Action fields that could be opened up for GCA so that GCA can make necessary changes rather than having to send FAs back to OSP to make the changes. Several FA fields will now be editable in SERA for GCA staff. Changes made by GCA staff will be logged in the history of the FA in both SERA and SPAERC.The following FA fields will become editable in SERA:
  1. Payment Type
  2. Budget Details Location
  3. Current Period Start Date (except when Authorized Action is New)
  4. Current Period End Date
  5. F&A Cost Rate
  6. Cost Sharing
  7. Total Cost Share Amount
  8. Rate Location

Also, in SERA, the Current Period Start Date will be displayed as read-only if the Authorized Action value is New.