January 2012 Release Notes


  • New OSP rules for FA and PAC parent-child relationships are now enforced by SPAERC. An FA may only be a child of an Application. A PAC may only be a child of an FA. Existing data has been moved to reflect the new rules. Data that could not be systematically modified will be sent to OSP for review and correction. RRF data that can’t be systematically modified will be sent to RRF team for review and correction.
  • Validation for federal flow-through auto hold now applies only if NG-3 is yes, and originating sponsor type indicates federal government.
  • Users can now select standard or fellowship opening for AGD Sponsor cover letter.


  • SAGE Budget wizard now handles future F&A rates correctly.
  • Org code validation was corrected for Copied eGC1s to only select valid 4th level org codes. Any incorrect org codes will be removed.
  • PHS398 cover letter update/view links now display properly.
  • SAGE users will no longer be able to select or copy inactive sponsors on eGC1s. Incorrect sponsors will be removed.
  • htm attachments now open in a new window.