Campus Notification Recipients List

Modifying the Recipients List

This list displays the name, email address, and relationship for each person included. Examples of the relationship would include Division Reviewer, Application eGC1 Preparer, Budget Contact. Each person’s entry also includes Update and Delete links.

recipients list with update, delete, and add recipient links

Clicking Update allows you to change the email address of that person. An editable text box with the current email address appears, followed by a Save button and a Cancel link. You can change the address, and then click Save.

Clicking Delete for a person’s entry will display a confirmation pop-up that asks “Are you sure you want to delete this recipient?” You can click OK to confirm the deletion and remove that recipient, or Cancel to return to the list with no changes.

Below the recipients list is an Add Recipient link. This allows you to send the campus notification to additional people. Clicking the link will add another row to the list with a box to enter the person’s name, and another box for the email address. You can click Save to add the new recipient, or Cancel to return to the list with no changes.