Advance: Reassign

You can change the advance’s assignment by clicking the Reassign link on the left navigation menu. You can do this for an advance in any status.

Clicking the link opens a pop-up window.

advance reassign dialog

The read-only section provides information about the advance you are working on.

Advance Budget Request Number Unique, system-assigned number
Advance Type New, Renewal, Extension or Supplement
Parent eGC1 Number The eGC1 associated with this advance.
PI Name The Principal Investigator listed on the parent eGC1.
Responsible Department The department that will pay for any advance expenditures not covered by the award.
Last Action Taken Received in GCA or Budget # Assigned/Confirmed.
Budget Number The number you have assigned/confirmed for this advance.
Budget Biennium The budget number’s  corresponding biennium.
Current location The Team/Desk or location the advance is currently assigned to.

You can add optional Comments when you reassigne an advance.

Select the new location using the drop-down menu.

Click Reassign to complete the process or Cancel to return to the advance.