Advance: Notify Campus

After you have assigned (or confirmed) the budget number for an advance, you will see the Notify Campus link on the left navigation menu. This action allows you to notify the PI, the Advance Administrative Contact and the eGC1 Administrative and Budget Contacts that you have processed the advance.

Clicking the link opens a pop-up window. The read-only section provides information about the advance you are working on.

advance notify campus dialog details

Advance Budget Request Number Unique, system-assigned number
Advance Type New, Renewal, Extension or Supplement
Parent eGC1 Number The eGC1 associated with this.
PI Name The Principal Investigator listed on the parent eGC1.
Responsible Department The department that will pay for any advance expenditures not covered by the award.
Last Action Taken Received in GCA or Budget # Assigned/Confirmed.
Budget Number The number assigned/confirmed for this advance.
Budget Biennium The budget number’s  corresponding biennium.

Confirm Data Entry Section

The following fields are editable.

advance notify campus data entry and recipients list

Is Data Entry Complete? This is marked as “No” by default. You must select “Yes” to complete the notification.
Select email(s) to send Click the appropriate check box from the list of messages to send.
Assign Item…to Location This is a required field.
Recipient List The PI, the Advance Administrative Contact and the eGC1 Administrative and Budget Contacts are included by default. You can modify the recipient list if needed.

Click the Notify Campus button at the bottom of the page to complete the process or Cancel to return to the advance. The advance’s status will change to Processed once you complete this step. The advance will be read-only. The only links on the left navigation menu will be Save & Close and Reassign.

Examples of the advance emails are in the SERA Notifications article.