Salary and Wages Introduction

For the Salary and Wages object code, you can add specific individuals or add a “role” for a person To Be Determined (TBD) later.

For existing budgets created prior to the Workday release (6/27/2017), you can convert personnel salary information from HEPPS to Workday, as needed.

Add a Specific Person

  1. Click the Add Personnel button.
  2. In the Personnel Chooser search for the desired individual.
  3. Click the person’s name to choose them.
  4. The setup modal will then open for you to enter the details for this person.

Add a TBD Person

This is similar to the Add Personnel feature except the system does not import UW Sub Object Code and Salary information into the budget.

Use the Add TBD Personnel feature when personnel are not set up in the source systems, or if other needs require a person be set up without using source system data.

Clicking the Add TBD Personnel button will take you directly to the setup page.

  • Change the name from “TBD” to something more descriptive, if desired.
  • Enter the required title.
  • Select the appropriate the UW Sub Object Code for the type of personnel to have the correct benefits information.

Convert Salary Data from HEPPS to Workday

If you need to work on a budget that was created prior to Workday (6/27/2017), you may need to “convert” the salary information for the budget’s personnel.

When you view the Salary and Wages line items, you will see an “H” indicator next to those line items that are based on data from HEPPS. In order to make changes to these personnel lint items, you will need to convert the salary data to Workday data.

Note: If there is no “H” indicator, the salary information came from Workday or was already converted.

To convert the salary information, select the line item for the existing salary entry to open the Line Setup modal. Scroll down to the Salary, Wages and Stipends section. Below the list of earnings, you will see a Convert link. Select this link, then OK in the confirmation pop-up dialog. SAGE will remove all HEPPS lines, and re-add the person with their latest salary lines from Workday across all of the budget’s periods.