F&A Tab: Funding Details

The F&A page is where you determine the Facilities and Administrative rate for your budget.

This is part of Step 3 in the budget creation wizard. After the setup for a budget is complete, this page can be accessed from the budget worksheet by clicking on the F&A tab. If you wish to change the F&A rate, you will need to re-select the criteria.

The F&A rate, also referred to as “indirect cost,” is based on four criteria: sponsor, institutional activity category, location, and, if relevant, a specific funding mechanism.


Field Description
Sponsor Name Since the sponsor, and the optional flow-through sponsor, is one of the criteria for calculating the F&A Rate, they are displayed here for reference.

The Flow Through Sponsor, if there is one, is identified in the first step of the budget creation wizard, which corresponds to the Properties tab.

Institutional Activity Category You must choose one of the following funding types. See GIM 13: Activity Types for definitions.

  • Organized Research
  • Instruction
  • Other Sponsored Activities
Location Select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:

  • APL
  • Harborview Medical Center
  • Lake Union Campus
  • Off Campus
  • On Campus
Specific Funding Mechanism If appropriate, select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:

  • Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial
  • K and T Awards
  • Regional Primate Ctr – Core Grant
  • Regional Primate Ctr – Non-Core Grant
  • Regional Primate Ctr – Non-Federal Other
  • Research Vessels
Get Rate button After you have entered the required values for funding details, click this button to establish the F&A rate for each period of your project and the base type.

If a custom rate is necessary, you will be able to specify this later. You can also use sub-budgets to set up multiples rates.

Once you select Get Rate, the Funding Details will display read-only values , with a link to Change the Funding Details?.

In addition, the Facility & Administrative Rates and Base section will display.