Create a New Budget : Overview

When you select Create New Budget on the My Budgets page, you will see the first of four budget creation wizard pages. Each step will capture basic information about your budget. Once you complete the setup, the budget will display the Worksheet page where you can start entering detailed line item information.

You must complete the required fields for a given step before you move to the next step, go back to a previous step, or go back to your My Budgets list.

If you complete some, but not all, of the setup steps, your budget will have a status of Created. The next time you open the budget, you will see Step 1 of the setup, with all your previously entered data saved. This allows you to easily update any saved data, and complete the remaining setup steps.

Once you complete the setup for your budget, its status will change to In Progress.

Values entered during the setup can also be changed later. From the Worksheet page, there are tabs that correspond to each of the setup steps.

For more information on preparing a budget, see OSP’s Budget Development page.