Access Tab: Budget Preparer and Contacts

The Access page allows the preparer to add contacts and assign access to other users.

It is part of Step 4 in the budget creation wizard. After the setup for a budget is complete, you can return to this page from the budget worksheet by selecting the Access tab.

Budget Preparer and Contacts Overview

As the person who creates the budget, you are the Budget Preparer.

You may also add an Administrative Contact and a Pre-Award Budget Contact.

Note: If your budget is connected to an eGC1, the contacts and preparer information will be shared, as described in SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data.

Add a Contact

Add the person with administrative knowledge of the proposal as the Administrative Contact and the person with pre-award fiscal knowledge as the Pre-Award Budget Contact. Approvers may contact them during the review process, or OSP or GCA staff following the awarding of funds.

The process to add a contact is the same for both. Click on either the Look Up Administrative Contact or Look Up Pre-Award Budget Contact button. In the Personnel Chooser modal, search for and select the desired person.

The following contact information displays.

  • Name: First and last name and Employee Identification Number.
  • Selected Unit: Name and organization code number of the selected business unit.
  • Title: Title, which can be edited.
  • Phone: Phone number, which can be edited.
  • Email: Email address, which can be edited.

Change a Contact or the Preparer

You may update the Contacts or the Preparer as needed to be sure notifications go to the correct individuals. If you connect your budget to an eGC1, you cannot make changes to the Contact and Access list when the eGC1 is in Routing or In OSP status.

  • Click the appropriate Change the (Admin/Budget) Contact? link beneath the contact information to open the personnel chooser.

When you choose to change yourself as the preparer, a warning message will appear. If the change you are making removes your last access to this item, once you confirm the change your tasklist will display.

Removing Access Warning Dialog

Remove a Contact

To remove a contact, click the appropriate Remove the (Admin/Budget) Contact? link beneath the contact information to clear the selection.