Budget: Upgrade a Legacy Format Budget

During the transition period, you can choose to upgrade any of your legacy format budgets to the new format. The upgraded budget will replace the legacy version. The budget number will remain the same, and all of your budget’s data will be transferred over to the new format.

To start this process, open your legacy budget. An Upgrade button will display to the right of the budget heading (title, number, PI name), as shown in the following image.

upgrade button on legacy budget

When you select the button, a confirmation dialog will appear with the following statement:

  • Upgrading the format will allow you to modify this budget in the new and improved editor. Once upgraded, you will NOT be able to edit this budget in the legacy editor.

To continue, select the upgrade button in the dialog. To cancel the upgrade, select the cancel link, or the X in the upper, right corner.


You cannot upgrade a legacy budget that contains APL, Sea Pay, fixed fee, or auto-adjusting line items at this time. If your budget has any of these conditions, the Upgrade button will be disabled. Hovering your mouse over the button will display this explanation. The following image shows the message.

disabled upgrade button message