UW Cost Sharing (Other)

UW cost sharing refers to non-personnel (non-salary) and “TBA” (to be assigned) Personnel items only. You enter Personnel (salary) cost sharing in the Personnel section.

U W Cost Sharing (Other) section

Add an Organization

Click the Look Up Organization Code button to open the Organization Chooser and search for and select an organization. The selected organization code and name will display.

Enter a Description and Amount for this item (direct costs plus the third party’s F&A costs) for all budget periods combined.

To add another organization, click the Add another Organization Code link.

Delete an Organization

Remove an existing entry by clicking the Delete link to its right.

Addendum Form

In addition to entering cost sharing data on the eGC1, you must complete the Cost Sharing Addendum form and submit it to OSP at the time they are reviewing the application.