Determining Eligibility for an Advance Request

You can only request an Advance Budget Number for an eGC1 in Approved or Awarded status.

By default, an eGC1 is not eligible for an Advance Budget Number. The PI or department must use the Advance Budget Number Eligibility Tool to ask OSP to determine eligibility. Review the article Understanding Advance Budget Number Requirements before starting the tool. The department must also provide assurance of payment if requesting an Advance Budget Number without sponsor pre‐award spending approval.

The department chair or dean must ensure the research team meets all compliance requirements for all expenditures made on an Advance Budget Number, per GIM 9 Advance Budget Numbers.

Once OSP marks the application as eligible for an advance, the system sends an email notification to the research team. The email is sent to the PI, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and eGC1 Preparer.

The email subject is “Advance Budget Request Eligibility” and the text of the message is “Your eGC1 A[number] is now eligible for an advance budget request. Please log into SAGE when you are ready to create the advance budget request.”