Complete and Submit an Advance Budget Request

After you complete the Advance Budget Request Form, you need to route it for departmental approval and then submit it to GCA for final approval.


To complete your request, click Complete on the left navigation menu.  SAGE will validate all the required information, and if there are no errors, begin routing the request.

If there is information missing, a list of validation errors will display at the top of the page. Once you have fixed the errors, click Complete again to move the advance into Routing status.

In the Advance Details section, the Request Date will change from N/A to the current date, and the Last Action Taken will change from Created to Campus Completed, as shown in the following image.

advance details section completed


To submit your request to GCA for processing, select Print Final on the left navigation menu. This will display a PDF version of the Advance Budget Number Request form in a new browser window or tab. Print this page.

Follow the instructions, included below, on the printed form and send the signed copy to GCA.

Instructions: Print this form, obtain appropriate signatures, scan and submit the request to Grant & Contract Accounting. If you already have a budget number, please submit through GrantTracker’s “Advance Bgt” topic. If not, please attach it to an email and send to When submitting electronic copies, please retain the original form in your department files. Questions? Call 206-616-9995.