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I occasionally go into labs with animals, but I don’t handle them. Do I have to fill out an AUMS form?

Yes. You should complete an application.

December 2015 Maintenance Release


Remove “Additional Department” and “Form Type” and derive AUMS form type from new animal handling question

To ensure AUMS applicants receive the appropriate set of questions, the “Form Type” and “Additional Department” fields have been removed and replaced by a single question that displays before starting an AUMS questionnaire.


Remove ohnnurse@uw.edu email address from OAW email CC

The EH&S Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) has been removed as a CC on the email sent to the Office of Animal Welfare upon completion of an AUMS review. OHNs can use the AUMS system to track which applications have reached Review Complete status. The address added was incorrect.

October 2014 Maintenance Release


Email content update

An update has been made to the content of the AUMS review decision email, to direct applicants to the email attachment for decision details, instead of to the AUMS application, which was proving to be confusing for the recipients.

Under-18 Consult Required

For AUMS applicants who select an age range of “Under 18”, the Review Action will now default to “Consult Required”.

May 2014 Maintenance Release

Bug Fixes

Email button displays and causes 99 error when no email address is present

The “Send Consult Notification Email” button will no longer display for for Occupational Health Nurses when completing their review in AUMS with the profile does not contain an email address.

January 2014 Maintenance Release


Send AUMS automatic emails to Non-UW profile users at review complete.

Email is no longer a required field for Non-UW profiles entered by OHN staff. If an email is present then these Non-UW profile users will receive automated emails that contain clearance/denial letters upon review complete.

July 2013 Maintenance Release


Contact Phone Not Required

Contact Phone number will no longer be required for AUMS user profiles.

Add Job Description to View and Search

Job title will be added to the OHN nurses view to allow for tracking certain applications by a new AUMS user. The user will also be allowed to conduct searches on title to provide a filtered view of this application data.

Add UWPD to department drop-down menu

The UW police department will be added to the department drop-down menu and will point users to the short form for screening.

Add Allergies statement regarding PAPR

OHN nurses require users to provide more detailed allergy information when being screened for working around animals. Users will need to answer a question on N95 respirators or PAPR machines being used at work. Users will also be given a larger text box in which to type more details regarding their known allergies.